GDG Silicon Valley
Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 6:00 PM (PDT)

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6:00-7:00: Socializing (Thanks to Google for food and drinks!)
7:00--7:10: Announcements
7:00--7:45: Kotlin & Android: The State of the Union - Ash
7:50-8:30: Extend Your Vocabulary with Kotlin Language Features - Murat
8:30: Q&A

Kotlin & Android: The State of the Union
Android has gone through massive changes because Kotlin was introduced into the platform.
This session we will cover the influence of Kotlin on Android.
* Android Studio provides first-class support for Kotlin.
* Android Jetpack Compose declarative UI Kotlin programming.
* Room with Coroutines.
* Kotlin BLE Coroutines
* Android KTX makes Android development with Kotlin much better
* Android Kotlin Lint to check code
* Dependency Injection with Kotlin for Android JetPack.

Extend Your Vocabulary with Kotlin Language Features
Kotlin is a modern and statically typed programming language targeting the JVM, Android, JavaScript & Native that will boost your productivity and increase your developer happiness. Join us to learn the essentials and best practices of Kotlin in Android, Google Cloud Platform, and multi-platform development.

Ash - CTO @ ZoeWave building physiologically intelligent clothing called ZoeWear. Combining biotech, mobile and fashion to build clothing that keeps people healthy while looking great*. Zoe(“life”)Wear “wearable for life” is built on his experience in all three fields.
Bio: https://sessionize.com/Ash
Twitter: https://twitter.com/biocodes

Murat Yener is a Developer Advocate for Android at Google. He is a code geek, open source committer, Java Champion and the author of Expert Android Studio and Professional Java EE Design Patterns books from Wiley.