Google Cloud Functions and Building Reactive Microservices with RSocket

GDG Silicon Valley
Wed, Nov 7, 2018, 6:00 PM (PST)

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6:00-6:50pm Networking and light food

7:00-7:45pm Building Reactive Microservices with RSocket - Ryland Degnan
7:45- 8:30pm Focus on your code, not infrastructure, with Cloud Functions - Martin Omander

Building Reactive Microservices with RSocket: Enterprises are moving to the cloud, but few are prepared for the networking implications of cloud-native architectures. RSocket is an open source reactive networking protocol specially-designed for microservices communication with far less overhead than HTTP. Developed in collaboration with Netflix, Facebook, Pivotal, Alibaba and others, RSocket is designed to handle the challenges of communication between complex networks of services both within the data center and over the internet – extending to mobile devices and browsers. RSocket uses load balancing technology that predicts the best route to send messages understanding latency and error rates, while being able to run over standard transports (like TCP, HTTP/2 and WebSocket). This results in applications that are easier to scale, less failure-prone and easier to operate. In this session, Ryland will explain how RSocket can be used to simplify the way enterprises build and operate cloud-native applications by enabling traditional enterprise developers to build and scale sophisticated, cloud-native, distributed applications.

Speaker: Ryland Degnan is a co-founder and CTO of Netifi, where he is working to lay the groundwork for the next generation of cloud-native applications. Prior to Netifi, he was a member of the Netflix Edge Platform team that created RSocket, Hystrix and RxJava. He has over 12 years of experience building scalable distributed systems at organizations like Netflix, Skydeck, and Cisco. Ryland holds a BA from Harvard University and an MSc from the University of Oxford.

Focus on your code, not infrastructure, with Cloud Functions: When you build a backend to a web app or mobile app, you want to focus on your business logic, not on your infrastructure. At the same time, you want the infrastructure to always be there for you, ready to run your code. Google Cloud Functions does that for you.
In this talk, we will follow the story of the fictional startup "In Jest", publishers of an app that tells jokes. At first, the developers at "In Jest" need to get a minimum viable product up and running in an hour. As their business grows they will have to integrate with Google Sheets, SQL databases, analytics systems, marketing systems and so on. We will see the 100 lines of code needed to make this happen, without having to worry the team about servers and data centers.

Speaker: Martin Omander works for Google in Mountain View, California. His job in the Developer Relations team is to help developers build better software, and improve Google's Cloud Platform to make it even better for that purpose. In his spare time he manages to sneak in some game programming. Before Google, Martin worked at string of startups in Silicon Valley as a software engineer.


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