Frameworks Migrations, Layered Architecture in React, & Developing for the Web

GDG Silicon Valley
Tue, May 21, 2019, 6:30 PM (PDT)

About this event

Welcome to our next GDGSV + Modern Web partnered event!

This will be held at Google Building 1345 (1345 Shorebird Way, Mountain View, CA 94043) on May 21, 2019 from 6:30PM - 9:30PM.

We have some awesome talks planned!

Our lineup of speakers:

“Angular Update” - Stephen Fluin

“Framework Migrations” - Tracy Lee & Stephen Fluin

Nate Hunzaker - Developer @ Viget
“Layered Architecture”
I've spent a lot of time in the Android community the last year and I've been wanting to talk about layered architecture since coming back to JS. Creating opaque layers in your app that you can build on top of at a higher level of abstraction, kind of like a client/server relationship. I think this is easiest to see with offline data caches, and I'd like to show what that looks like with Watermelon DB and React hooks.

Justin Ribeiro - Google Developer Expert
"The Wide Open Web: Destroying Judgement and Creating Curiosity"
Developing for the web can be rife with polarized arguments, alienating developers and causing unnecessary hurdles developers to bring amazing experiences to the web. How do we destroy existing judgement and help developers create a sense of curiosity to explore the web platform and useful approaches to future user want to experience? Come along as Justin Ribeiro, co-host of The Web Platform Podcast and Google Developer Expert, as he explores how we can take new approaches to handle conflict and bring forward more curiosity as we build the future.

More to be announced!