DevFest Silicon Valley - Google Developer Conference!

GDG Silicon Valley
Sat, Dec 16, 2017, 9:00 AM (PST)

About this event


Come join us for 16 technical sessions spanning topics on JavaScript, machine learning, cloud & mobile development, and more.

Whether you’re an experience developer or a new one, there’s a session for you.

There will be CodeLabs that go beyond just theory.

Get hands-on training on specific technologies, practices, and techniques that you can actually use in your career or on your own projects.

Featured speakers include:

(More details on the speakers page)

Ben Lesh, RxJS Project Lead & Engineer at Google

Shirley Wu, Co-Author of DataSketches

Justin Ribeiro, Google Developer Advocate & Polymer Expert

Benjamin Baxter for Android TV

Luke Freeman, Flutter Expert

Vinamrata Singal, Lighthouse

and more.


Shirley Wu - Data sketch|es: a visualization a month

Nancy Mohamed - Dear Developer, I'm The Designer

Ben Lesh - The Future of Reactive Programming with RxJS 6+7

Vinamrata Singal - Getting Started with Lighthouse

Tim Grossmann - About going Open-Source

Aaron Malenfant - reCAPTCHA

Justin Ribeiro - Server Side Rendering: the tale of Chrome headless, Firebase Hosting, and Dragons15

Doris Chen - What's New in TypeScript?

Alex Castillo - NeuroJavaScript: Interacting with Brain-Computer Interfaces

Jessica Parsons - Serverless Slack Apps with Firebase Functions

Kyle Shevlin - Just Enough Functional Programming to be a Danger to Yourself and Coworkers

Van Riper - Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower

Swapnil Patel - Firebase Codelab

Jeremy Wilken - Building Voice Interfaces with Google Actions

Luke Freeman - Flutter: going native

Benjamin Baxter - Android TV’s new home screen

Grant Timmerman - All About Apps Script

Pravin Bansal - Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics in Software 

Murat Yener - Design Patterns with Kotlin

James Duvall & Justin Ribeiro - Polymer Codelab

James Ferreira - AppsScript CodeLab

Rachel Winsho Wu - The Reverse Turing Test: What are the ethical risks of AI and who is responsible?

Kevin & Andy Nilson - Creating a Connected Home: Live Coding and Demos

Dr. Laura Huisinga - Augmented Reality in the classroom

Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi - Android Architecture & Material components with Kotlin


(More details on the schedule page)

900-930 - Registration & Coffee

930-1230 - Sessions

1230-130 - Lunch

130-430 - Sessions



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