Angular, Stackblitz, Selenium vs Cypress with Modern Web and Angular MTV

GDG Silicon Valley
Wed, Feb 6, 2019, 6:30 PM (PST)

About this event

Happy New Year!

We're super excited to have you at our next GDGSV + Modern Web + Angular MTV event!

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Special thanks to Angular who will be sponsoring the food & drinks!

This will be held at Google 1255 Pear Avenue Mountain View, CA 94043 on 2/6 from 6:30PM - 9:30PM

We have some awesome talks planned for you!

Our lineup of speakers:

Speaker - Stephen Fluin
Topic - State of Angular

Speaker - Hans Larsen
Topic - Schematics - A Gentle Introduction
Description - Schematics are a powerful way to scaffold and refactor code and projects, and is used extensively by the Angular CLI. Learn about what Schematics are and how you can create your own.

Speaker - Eric Simons
Topic - PWA-powered DevTools are coming
Description: The modern web is evolving at a rapid clip. With the advent of desktop PWA's, enhanced offline capabilities and new FS API's, the web platform is finally capable of running full dev environments.

Speaker - Gil Tayar
Topic - # Cypress vs Selenium WebDriver: Better, or just different?
Description - There’s a new claim to the throne of functional test automation tools: Is Cypress fast? Yes. Is Cypress interactive? Yep. Is Cypress reliable? You bet. And best of all… it’s cool!
But is Cypress an alternative to Selenium WebDriver? Does Selenium, the current king of web automation and testing frameworks, cringe in fear for its position, or is it smiling benevolently at the supposed usurper, knowing full well that, well, it’s just a kid!

Is Cypress better than Selenium WebDriver? I get asked this a lot. And frankly, the easiest path of a “this vs that” talk is to try and find out which is “best”. But I will not take that path. Instead, I will try and explain how is Cypress different from Selenium WebDriver.
During this talk, we will learn how to write Cypress test, how it’s used, and why it’s different from Selenium WebDriver.

Speaker - Keen Yee Liau
Topic - Angular, Bazel, and CLI
Description - Learn how to use Angular CLI to create a new Angular project that builds with Bazel. Understand how the new workflow is different under the hood, and why it’s better. There’ll be a short demo.

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Hope to see you there!