Workshop: Forget about frontend runtime errors with ELM

GDG Riga
Sat, Nov 4, 2017, 11:00 AM (EET)

About this event

About the speaker: 

Jānis Miezītis. Works at Diatom Enterprises as a Software engineer. Traveled Latin America for a year with his wife. Former semi-professional MMA fighter. Excited about functional programming and writing reliable apps!

Also excited and hopeful to see you on Saturday, 4th of November, to share in his experience with Elm and try some things for yourself!

About the workshop: 

The talk itself will include comparison between ELM and JS, ELM and modern frontend frameworks, introduction to ELMs data types, syntax and a way of doing things. In the workshop we will be building a ToDo list app that will leverage local storage for data persistence.

Does that sound like something you'd be interested in? Join us, and we'll see you there!


Couple of years of experience in any mainstream programming language. Be it C#, JavaScript, Ruby or any other.

Go to this URL and follow setup instructions. Should work on Node above version 6. :
If you see "Hello world", then it means you are good to go. 

Next, please take 5 minutes to read about ELMs basic data types. While not strictly necessary, it will be highly helpful to you :)