TGIF with GDG Tartu and Angular GDE

GDG Riga
Fri, Sep 1, 2017, 7:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

To celebrate hitting our 700 member on Meetup and to make summer even hotter we have a very special event with 3 super speakers and GDG organizers from Tartu and Barcelona! This is an event you can not miss.

Tele2 Shared Service Center are very kind to host us this time and will also celebrate our proud mark with some tasty pizzas! After the event be prepare for some IT pub crawl with speakers, it's TGIF after all ;) 


Madis Pink - Android Developer at ZeroTurnaround

Madis is currently working on JRebel for Android at ZeroTurnaround and co-organizing the GDG Tartu chapter.

He started hacking on Android apps on a T-Mobile G1 more than 8 years ago and quickly grew a particular interest in build systems and developer tooling. His previous experience includes working on the Android Platform team at Spotify and working on multiple apps at Mobi Lab. During his free time he likes to dabble around with guitars and home recording.

Emojis! 🎉🙌😎

Over the past decade the popularity of emojis has grown from relative obscurity to a big-budget Hollywood picture 🎞️.

Emojis used to be solely in the domain of chat apps but these days any app having user generated content is expected to have emoji support.
In this session we'll take a technical look at how Emojis are represented in Unicode 🤓, identify common pitfalls 🐛 and find ways to circumvent them (pitfalls that is, not emojis 😎).


Harri Kirik - Software engineer at Mobi Lab

Harri works as a software engineer in a digital design agency Mobi Lab. On free time he is also a GDG Tartu organizer. 

Two-factor authentication

Harri will talk about why two-factor authentication matters and how it is most commonly used on mobile phones.


Gerard Sans - Google Developer Expert Angular

Gerard is a Computer Science Engineer & Google Developer Expert. As a community activist he is fighting for the JavaScript revolution. Having lived and worked for all sorts of companies over the world, he is always up for a good challenge. He likes running AngularZone and GraphQL London, mentoring students & participating in the community.

Implementing Motion using Angular (v4.3+)

In this talk we are going to cover some of the 12 principles behind UX Motion giving practical examples while integrating those incrementally into an App. We will focus on these UX Motion principles while covering some implementation details using the new animation features in Angular.

Also, Gerard is hosting a full day Angular workshop, if you want to learn more from him, definitely apply!