GDG Omaha Holiday Party

GDG Omaha
Fri, Dec 20, 2019, 5:00 PM (CST)

7 RSVP'ed

About this event

Google has sponsored a holiday party. Going to be pretty informal happy hour. We are going to do sponsored drinks until our tab runs out. All are invited even if you have never came to our meetup before as long as you pledge your allegiance to Android. Every individual person must RSVP to get drinks

Beercade 2(13th street between Center and Pacific)

How do I find you?
Just find one of the people in the above picture(Parshav, David, Ben). We will have name tags on a table. A name tag is required to get drinks.

Will there be food?
We plan to order dominos

What if I do not know anyone?
Come anyways. We are all friendly. Everyone should make an effort to talk to anyone with a name tag. Also feel free to bring a friend or coworkers. If you see a circle of people with name tags just join the circle and we should be actively inviting people to circles.

Do I need to tip the bartenders?
We will be tipping but if you want to be extra nice you can tip but do not feel obligated.

How do I play games?
Bring quarters, you can buy quarters from the bartender, or they have change machines. Most games are cheap and are only 1 quarter.

- Drink Responsibly - Plan for a ride home if you need to.
- Code Of Conduct -
- 21 +
- No shots on GDG Tab