Flutter Live Viewing Party

GDG Hamburg
Tue, Dec 4, 2018, 5:00 PM (CET)

About this event

Together with https://freiheit.com, we would like to invite you all to be part of a viewing party for Flutter - Google’s new Mobile App SDK!

On December 4th at 5:00 PM, we will be hosting Flutter Live at Freiheit.com where Google will share a variety of news and updates about Flutter. We would love for you all to be part of it.

In addition to the live session, prior to the keynote, we'll give a warm-up talk about our adventures with the Google Maps flutter plugin at freiheit.com.

The event is free of charge, and everyone is invited. Registration will close at 50 attendees. You can register through here.

We will be updating this page periodically with news, schedules, and more.

Be a part of the celebration and join us in a live viewing party on December 4th!

Also, if you are interested in Flutter, please take a look at it here: https://flutter.io

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17:00 Welcome
17:15 Adventures with Google Maps Flutter plugin
18:00 Keynote live stream
19:30 Continued live stream and open discussion

In case you can't join from the beginning, feel free to join later for the keynote live stream only.