World Cup with GDG Community!

GDG Shanghai
Sat, Jul 7, 2018, 7:00 PM (CST)

About this event

In the midst of big data, artificial intelligence, and the technology of blockchain, the traditional companies are inevitably suffering from "transition anxiety" in such an atmosphere. Then, can traditional enterprises seize this reshuffle? Can they find new growth points? How to open up O2O and sharing-business opportunities after the economic boom?

This time, GDG Shanghai (Google Developer Group) community invites some guests from all walks of life to discuss with them and make the brains of traditional enterprises smart. Traditional industry elites and Internet industry elites will jointly create a new "light business" event, and look forward to your joining!

You may want to know that after the end of the sharing, we will eat snacks together and watch the World Cup!

如火如荼的大数据时代、人工智能时代、区块链技术风风火火的来到我们身边,传统企业们在这样的氛围中不免患上『转型焦虑症』,那么,传统企业能否抓住这次洗牌的机会,找到新的增长点?如何打开 O2O 和共享经济风口之后的创业蓝海?本次GDG上海社区邀请到各界高人,与大家一同探讨,让传统企业的大脑智慧起来。传统行业精英和互联网行业精英将共同打造一个新的『轻.创业』活动,期待你的加入!


We Align Our Agenda With World Cup!

Theme: Tech Applying in Upgrading Traditional Industries
Time: July 7th 18:00
* You can stay till midnight to support Great Britain Team!!
Venue: Google Developer Group Incubator, 406 Gui Lin Road, Xuhui District

Who Will Watch the football match with you?

01 Geoffrey Handley
Expert In Residence, Investor, Advisor & Serial Entrepreneur

China born and raised, Geoffrey is an investor, advisor and 5 time founder, most notably of Snakk Media (NZX: SNK) and The Hyperfactory (acquired by Meredith Corporation NYSE: MDP).
Founding GP at Haitao Capital, the 1st China macro VC fund investing across Social Commerce, Fintech and Insurance, Infrastructure and Deep Learning in North America and China. Also an active angel and advisor, Geoffrey’s portfolio includes awesome teams like Palantir,, IMRSV (acq’d Kairos) Booktrack, eZeeCube (acq’d Loopin), Addepar, TheCareVoice and China’s 247Media.

拥有20年全球数字业务方面从业经验,海涛创投联合创始人,亚洲规模最大、最成功的孵化器-中国加速器常驻企业导师、高级顾问、连续创业者,曾创立 Snakk Media(NZX:SNK)和 The Hyperfactory,后者由 Meredith Corporation(NYSE:MDP)收购。

02 David Li:网红博主、TasteTag创始人
资深媒体人,旅游卫视节目主持人,国际网路短视频博主、TasteTag 线上营销公司创始人。从传统媒体人到新媒体创业者,只有不停制造自己的内容,才可以一直被大众记住。


03 Rock 罗霄
Senior Tech Architect in Mobike

With 14 years of engineering and tech experience, Rock is now responsible for the public transportation and have over 10 years of system developing experience in Oracle and Cisco.

14 年开发经验,现任摩拜公交地铁技术负责人,高级架构师,拥有思科,甲骨文十年开发经验。曾在默瑞、得音连续创业,深知创业艰险,且行且珍惜,非典型技术宅男,阳光文艺的技术开发者。

04 Alan Tsin:host of the night
Founder of ATMI. IPO Investor, serial entrepreneur, serial winner in global hackathons. Extensive experience in media industry, former professional athlete and coach.

Founded financial service company and technology company, committed to entrepreneurship and business innovation after study and work experience in North America and western Europe. Experienced public speaker, forum moderator and guest lecturer at various universities on online marketing and new media industry.

IPO 投資人、连续创业者、资深媒体人、资深运动人。创办过金融公司和科技公司, 海归后一直致力于创新创业和商业设计,曾在国内外知名黑客马拉松中获得大奖,也在电子营销和新媒体大学担任客座讲师,乐于分享,善于沟通,常被邀请做演讲嘉宾和论坛主持人。

What's the agenda?

19:00-21:30 嘉宾分享环节 Guest Speaking
21:30-22:00 交流、讨论、茶歇 Snacks
22:00-04:30 观看世界杯 World Cup time!!

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