Tensorflow and Deep Learning without a PhD - Session 2: RNN

GDG Seattle
Sat, Mar 10, 2018, 10:00 AM (PST)

About this event

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Come join a TensorFlow and Deep Learning crash course designed for developers and deep learning beginners! In this second session of TensorFlow and Deep Learning without a PhD, Martin Gorner from Google will teach us recurrent neural networks. This is a joint event organized by Google Developer Group (GDG) Seattle and Seattle Data/Analytics/Machine Learning.

The hottest topic in computer science today is machine learning and deep neural networks. Many problems deemed "impossible" only 5 years ago have now been solved by deep learning: playing GO, recognizing what is in an image, translating languages, … Software engineers are eager to adopt these new technologies as soon as they come out of research labs and the goal of this session is to equip you to do so. In this session we will cover the basic principles behind recurrent neural networks, the kind of neural networks used to precess sequences and natural language. We will focus on advanced RNN architectures powering real-world applications such as comment moderation or language translation. This session is a deep dive into the most recent advances in the field, such as attention mechanisms, and gives you tips, engineering best practices and pointers to apply in your own projects. No PhD required.

There are two talks in the morning and a code lab in the afternoon. We have limited capacity for the codelab and the codelab is OPTIONAL. Attendees can feel free to leave after the morning talks or lunch. Event schedule:

9:30 AM - Check in and breakfast
10:00 AM - Talk by Martin Gorner - Tensorflow, deep learnining and recurrent neural networks
11:00 AM - Talk by Martin Gorner - Tensorflow, deep learning and modern RNN architectures
12:00 PM - Lunch
1:00 PM - RNN codelab (optional), must bring your own computer for the codelab.
3:00 PM - Wrap up

*** Note: Must present your ticket to attend the event. Parking:


You may park for free in the Google parking garage off of N Northlake Way, just west of (and below) the Fremont Ave Bridge. Don't forget to bring your parking ticket with you to get validation. The validation machine will be placed in the Event Center. The parking garage hours on Saturday are 9:00am to 2:30pm. You may exit the garage after 2:30PM but you won’t be able to re-enter it after 2:30pm.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Where can I find session 1 CNN materials? A: Here is the link to session 1 talks and codelab: https://goo.gl/7Rf9GZ.(Click on "Download PDF " to access the links in the slide)
Q: Shall I bring a computer? A: Yes please make sure to bring your computer if you are staying for the codelab.
Q: Is there a waitlist? A: Yes, a waitlist of limited number of seats have been added.
Q: Can I bring a guest? A: No, everyone must present a ticket to attend.
Q: Can I show up on day of event since some people won’t show up anyways? A: No, we have taken into considerations of no-shows, when setting the number of tickets available.