ReactiveX: Polyglot Framework for Async Programming + Intro to Google Maps API

GDG Sacramento
Thu, Jan 10, 2019, 6:30 PM (PST)

About this event

TALK #1:
ReactiveX: the Polyglot Framework for Asynchronous Programming
(Ross Rasmussen and Michael Brennock)

This presentation will demo the ReactiveX framework using two different languages: JavaScript with RxJS, and Java with RxJava. We will also highlight some of the more useful "pipe operators" to help manage concurrency with ease.

TALK #2:
Introduction to Google Maps API
(Alain Chautard)

Alain will show us how to create web applications that use Google maps Javascript APIs along with examples of real life apps that create a great user experience.

As always, drinks and pizza will be served courtesy of TekSystems.

There are some new VSP guidelines we need to abide by.

1. All guests must enter through the SOUTH door (previously we were entering through the north). We will have signs on the north side of the building directing guests to the south door and asking guests to not knock on any of the northern doors.
2. All guests must wear a name badge at all times. We will have a VSP employee helping guests make a security badge via the machine near the south door throughout the meetup.
3. All guests when they exit must use the SOUTH REVOLVING door. We will also have additional signs indicating this.