React Native + Intro to TensorFlow

GDG Sacramento
Thu, Sep 14, 2017, 6:30 PM (PDT)

About this event

Welcome to the September iteration of GDG Sac!

We are excited to host two great talks this month.

React Native (Nathan Jenan)

Hate having to rewrite your app on both Android and iOS?  Or is your mobile development going great but you just wish you could write more React?  Then this is the presentation for you!  Learn how React Native lets you bring the same concepts you have learned building web apps to the mobile world, while still maintaining the speed and feel of a native application.

Intro to TensorFlow (Kyle Siler)

The buzzword "Machine Learning" has been floating around in recent years. Blog posts make it seem like a magic technology that can solve any problem, but are vague on how it will accomplish that. In this talk we will demystify Machine Learning, and learn how to use TensorFlow.

As usual, we'll have our monthly raffle and TekSystems will be serving latest job market news and pizza. See you soon!

The meeting room is in the Northeastern corner of the building (the closest to Highway 50 - see satellite view below). Signs will be put on the door as well.