Machine Learning with games + Angular Internals: Templates, Views, Vehicles

GDG Sacramento
Thu, Jul 11, 2019, 6:30 PM (PDT)

About this event

This month we're going to talk about machine learning and Angular.
As always, drinks and pizza will be served courtesy of TekSystems.

TALK #1: Machine Learning With Games: Teach a Computer To Play Pong (Michael Brennock)

Description: I will use a live demonstration to talk about how to use machine learning libraries like TensorFlow. While I review the fundamental concepts, the program will teach itself to play the classic computer game Pong.

TALK #2: Angular Internals - Templates, Views, Vehicles (Corbin Crutchley)
In this talk, we’ll explain what templates are, how they relate to views, and how Angular uses them inside it’s own source code. Though we’ll be doing a deep dive into Angular, so long as you’ve used a bit of Angular in a project, you should be good to go!
I will also be making poor analogies to cars’ internals because I don’t understand them nearly as well as I do code

Corbin's Bio: The programming type Human-mon. Can be found making bad jokes on the internet and tinkering with something new. Always is up for a chat or challenging project

There are some new VSP guidelines we need to abide by.

1. All guests must enter through the SOUTH door. We will have signs on the north side of the building directing guests to the south door and asking guests to not knock on any of the northern doors.
2. All guests must wear a name badge at all times. We will have a VSP employee helping guests make a security badge via the machine near the south door throughout the meetup.
3. All guests when they exit must use the SOUTH REVOLVING door. We will also have additional signs indicating this.