Tensor Flow/Machine Learning/NYC Post Google I/O/Google Ads for Nonprofits

Thu, May 30, 2019, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Doors open at 6:00pm and ends around 8:30pm

Entrance information and security:
We will enter at 111 8th Ave at the corner of W. 15th Street and use the designated Google entrance. Please bring your government issued ID.

Start Time 6:30pm

Title: A few favorite examples in TensorFlow 2.0

Description: In this 40 minute talk, I'll run through a few of my favorite examples in TensorFlow 2.0 you can try (Deep Dream, Style Transfer, Pix2Pix, Neural Machine Translation), say a few words about them, why they're cool, and the ideas behind them, and point you to Colab notebooks you can run with a single click to try them out.

Short Bio: Josh Gordon is a Developer Advocate at Google AI, and teaches Applied Deep Learning at Columbia University and Pace University. He has over a decade of machine learning experience to share. You can find him on Twitter at @random_forests.

Title: Post Google I/O Discussion and forum
Speaker: Audience participation

Abstract: We look forward to discussing all the announcements at Google I/O. Please come ready to discuss and present about things you saw at Google I/O or watched on Youtube or if you attended the various Google I/O Extended events. If you have a topic, come early and speak to one of the organizers. Thanks.

Title: Lightning Talk on Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits
Speaker: Ralph Yozzo

Abstract: Recently, we've enabled Ads for Nonprofits and we can discuss the process and how technologists (fancy word for programmers) can help non profits.

Host / MC:
Michael Gold
Michael is the Entrepreneur in Residence at NYU's Future Reality Lab where he is commercializing cutting-edge augmented reality technology.

His previous work experience includes:
- Co-founder & CEO, Holojam; Patented technology for social AR & VR experiences. Sundance 2017 Best VR & SXSW 2017 VR/AR Top 5 Finalist.
- Co-founder & CTO, Clubster (acquired 2017); experiential marketing consultant to LG, Starbucks, and Target