[SPECIAL EVENT] I/O Extended 2018 New York City + Machine Learning Study Jam

Mon, Jun 4, 2018, 4:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

We revisit our annual tradition of hosting a recap event on Google I/O featuring talks, codelabs, in-person experiences and discussion related to the latest announcements from I/O.


4:00 pm
-- (20 mins) "Flutter: An Introduction" - Nitya Narasimhan
-- (90 mins) Choose Your Adventure - Self-Guided
-------- a. Google Cloud Study Jam / ML Edition
-------- b. Google IO18 Codelabs / 100+ options
-------- c. Machine Learning Crash Course / Study Group

5:50pm //...... 10-min BREAK

6:15pm GOOGLE IO2018 RECAP (10 mins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeF0zpT4gNE)

6:25pm COMMUNITY TALKS (from Attendees)
1. "What's New With Google Assistant?", Allen Firstenberg, GDE
2. (open)
3. "What's new With Flutter/Firebase?", Nitya Narasimhan, GDG NYC

6:40pm //...... 10-min BREAK

FEATURE TALK: "Sparking More Meetups with ML"
Speaker: Shayak Banerjee, ML Team @Meetup

7:20 pm //...... 10-min BREAK
Danielle James (MongoDB) will be here to talk about MongoDB World (NYC, June) and raffle away 2 tickets to audience members!

7:30 pm
IO18/DESIGN: "What's New In Material Design"
Speaker: Liam Spradlin, Design Advocate @Google

IO18/WEB: "Alternative Architectures for your PWA"
Speaker: Jeff Posnick, Chrome DevRel Team @Google

20:30 pm //...... DOORS CLOSE

FEATURE TALK: Sparking More Meetups with ML
Speaker: Shayak Banerjee, Machine Learning Team @Meetup

Meetup is a platform for people to connect in-real-life around shared interests. Meetup organizers and members are both central to that experience. Part of our challenge is to match a newly formed group with its relevant audience so as to build its initial critical mass. Meetup has been using Machine Learning to enable this connection for years now, via the new group announcement (NGA) email. In this talk, we’ll look at how the infrastructure for performing this task has been revamped over the past year. From a logistic regression model which computed all features in-memory and consumed 150GB+ of heap, we journeyed into the world of batch / distributed processing. We’ll describe how we migrated to use Apache Spark running on Dataproc clusters to enable calculating a much richer set of features, which is then used by gradient-boosted trees to score member-group pairs. We'll show how this gave us a 30% increase in members joining groups! We’ll also talk about how our batch jobs are orchestrated using Airflow and monitored using Datadog and Cloudwatch. We’ll end with a look at the problems we incurred with “bedding-in” this system, such as latency and optimizing workloads.

With 3 million members and growing, and more than 500 new groups being formed every day across the world, we see this as the infrastructure that will allow us to scale to “Spark"ing more Meetups, more connections and more change.

IO18 TALK / WEB: Alternative Architectures for your PWA
Speaker: Jeff Posnick (Chrome Developer Relations Team @Google)

Building a Progressive Web App (PWA) doesn't mean building a single page app! This session will deep-dive into alternative architectures for content-focused PWAs, and help you make the right decision for your specific use case. You'll also get insights on how the Workbox project provides developers with an easy path towards using the web platform features that provide the foundation for these architectures.

SO PWA Live Demo → https://goo.gl/Twtkcz
SO PWA Source Code → https://goo.gl/Bc8FqT
Workbox → https://goo.gl/30ZyH6
PWA Guidance → https://goo.gl/KdWhwv
YouTube Recording → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6yof_vIQnk

Google I/O 2018 happened in Mountain View, CA from May 8-10, 2018. We expect there to be news, updates and resources released around many of Google's technologies. Learn more about the IO Schedule here


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