How We Use Data with Steen Rasmussen | R at Scale on the GCP with Mark Edmondson

Fri, Sep 13, 2019, 5:30 PM (EDT)

About this event

Doors open at 5:30pm. Food and soft drinks will be served. Event starts at 6:00 pm.

Title: Data – The Lifeblood of a Culture of Experimentation
Speaker: Steen Rasmussen

Description: Too often we focus on gathering data and spend too much of our time perfecting data, but often it is less a question of how much or how good data we have, but more how we use the data we have. If data is an answer to all our questions, then we desperately need to know what questions we are actually asking.
In this session Steen explores how the combination of data, the Google Marketing Platform and the Google Cloud Platform through a philosophy of experimentation can be used and activated to help answer the elusive question… now what?

Bio: Steen is a Senior Partner, Digital Analytics Specialist at IIH Nordic and one of the grand old men of Scandinavian Digital analytics. Since 2001 he has worked dedicatedly with helping companies like LEGO and IKEA get the full value from web analytics. He is the founding father of the Danish Web Analytics Circle, former co-chair of the Digital Analytics Associations Certification Committee, The Danish representative for the Digital Analytics Association and has initiated more than 30 Digital Analytics events across Europe since 2008.

He is also a well-known and respected international speaker who among other places has spoken on the subject matter in places ranging from Silicon Valley, New York, London and Barcelona to Kiev, Dubai and Mumbai. Originally educated in Business Communications from RUC his approach to the subject is not technical, but focuses on the practical aspects and the very tangible bottom-line business value at the end of the effort.

Title: R at Scale on the Google Cloud Platform
Speaker: Mark Edmondson

Description: Learn the latest and most optimal way to work with R on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - useful for data engineers, data scientists, analysts and marketers.
Find out how to scale R Script applications, create interactive Shiny visualizations and share R APIs efficiently at a low cost for billions of users using Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud Run, including Mark's famous googleAnalyticsR.

Bio: Mark Edmondson is one of five official Google Developer Experts for Google Analytics (GDE) in the world and plays an active role in the strategic development of Google’s data analytics product offering. He is also an enthusiastic and loved ambassador for R, taking part in the online community via his blog and on Twitter under @HoloMarkeD. Mark’s background includes an MSci in Physics from King’s College London, and today he works at IIH Nordic as a Data Engineer, working on the architecture of data analysis pipelines mainly in the Google Cloud Platform, using technologies such as BigQuery and Tensorflow to help productionise data science and machine learning models.

Mark is also a well-known international speaker, drawing on his experience of working with a variety of international companies across many sectors, combining the worlds of marketing and analytics. His contributions to open source are headed by his R packages that work with Google Cloud and Analytics APIs, of which the most popular is googleAnalyticsR. On his blog at Mark also writes about other aspects of data engineering such as the usage of Docker, Kubernetes and R/Python within data science applications, featuring walkthroughs for data engineering, data science, web analytics, and software development.

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