[GDG NYC] FirebaseCamp 2017: Hands-on Learning + AppFest Prep

**FIREBASE CAMP AGENDA:** ** ** **4:00pm: FirebaseCamp Part 1 : Code Labs** _**Firebase For Beginners: **_ Attend this segment if you want to learn about the basics of Firebase and build/deploy your first Firebase app. • Introduction to Firebase (Talk, 30 mins // Nitya) • Firebase For Web • Firebase for Android • Firebase for ObjC ](https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/fireb

Nov 6, 2017, 9:00 PM – Nov 7, 2017, 1:30 AM


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4:00pm: FirebaseCamp Part 1 : Code Labs

Firebase For Beginners: 

Attend this segment if you want to learn about the basics of Firebase and build/deploy your first Firebase app. 

• Introduction to Firebase (Talk, 30 mins // Nitya)

Firebase For Web (Codelab, 70 mins)

Firebase for Android (Codelab, 40 mins)

Firebase for ObjC or Firebase for Swift (Codelab, 35 mins)

Firebase Codelabs For Advanced learners

Build app for the Google Assistant w/ DialogFlow (20 mins)

Cloud Functions for Firebase (60 mins)

Firebase for Flutter (80 mins)

• <a>Cloud Firestore for Web </a> / Cloud Firestore for Android

The primary goal is to ensure your development environments are setup and that you understand core concepts. Codelabs can be completed anytime - so use this time to ask questions about functionality, features or Firebase usage.

6:30pm: FirebaseCamp Part 2: Tech Talks

We'll have a few quick announcements then dive into our FirebaseCamp Part 2, which consist of Tech Talks. Those who wish to continue working on the codelabs are free to do so.

6:45pm: Firebase Summit Recap: What's New & Interesting with Firebase (Speaker: Nitya Narasimhan)

Abstract:  The Firebase Dev Summit just happened October 31, 2017 in Amsterdam. You can see key Twitter Moments here and watch the videos on this playlist here. The Firebase team also posted their summary of announcements here. In this quick recap talk, I'll go over the main announcements from the Firebase Summit, and also provide a quick overview of the current platform capabilities (and products) for those who were not present for Part 1. The goal for this talk is to create awareness of the bigger platform, and an understanding of how the pieces fit together.

7:15pm: Spitting' Hot GeoFire (Speaker: Michael Solati)

Abstract: Geo-queries and location contextual information can be a massively important to any application you want to build. Wether your making an apps to find restaurants nearby, call a taxi, or swipe right on the person of your dreams, location matters! Firebase makes for an amazing tool and database service, but it doesn't support geo related queries out the box. That's ok though with some cool and fancy algorithms we can handle geo-queries in real time with Firebase.

8:00pm: AppFest: Team-Building & Networking

This segment is primarily to help us ensure that all AppFest participants have formed teams. 

• If you are not participating, you are welcome to stick around and network, or provide feedback to those who are.

• If you are in AppFest and already in a team, use this time to brainstorm strategy for your app. 

• If you are in AppFest but not already in a team, use this time to join or create one. The organizers will be there to help facilitate this process.

8:30pm: Doors Close

FIREBASE CAMP is part of our Road To DevFestNYC Series.

Interested in being part of an awesome end-of-year 1-day hackathon filled with food, fun, swag and prizes? APPLY NOW: http://bit.ly/appfestNY-cfp-2017Invites will be sent on a rolling basis till all spots are filled. We are currently looking for[masked] participants for this event.

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