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The focus of our August event will be on **Internet of Things** with some focus on **Android Things** and **DIY Robocars.** Tentative Agenda: **4:00pm <=== THINGS CAMP ===>** _<Mini Study Camp for AndroidThings/IoT>_ Show up early if you want to spend 2 hours on self-guided hacking on an AndroidThings project. We will have a couple of kits available - we also encourage you to bring

Aug 7, 2017, 8:00 PM – Aug 8, 2017, 12:30 AM

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About this event

The focus of our August event will be on Internet of Things with some focus on Android Things and DIY Robocars.

Tentative Agenda:

4:00pm <=== THINGS CAMP ===>

<Mini Study Camp for AndroidThings/IoT>

Show up early if you want to spend 2 hours on self-guided hacking on an AndroidThings project. We will have a couple of kits available - we also encourage you to bring your own RPi3 boards or AndroidThings kits if you have them.

The plan:

4:00-4:30pm: Learn. Watch first part of "IoT Bootstrapping with AndroidThings" to understand platform.

4:30-6:00pm: Hack. Work on an AndroidThings project on your own. 

• Beginners are encouraged to do the Create your first AndroidThings tutorial. You must have an AndroidThings compatible device or development board (+ cables) and a periperhal kit to complete this activity. We have a couple of kits available that groups can share - but you would be best served by bringing your own hardware to learn on.

• If you've done the first tutorial. then explore other codelabs like the Weather Station Codelab (Peripheral I/O Library), the Image Classifier Codelab (TensorFlow Library, requires camera module) or Android Things Assistant Codelab (Voice UI/UX, requires AIY Kit VoiceHAT)

• If you want to bring an ongoing AndroidThings project to work on, extend or share - that is okay too. Explore a hackster.io project, or even better -- publish your own!

Don't have hardware? Not into AndroidThings? That's okay -- this is a Study Camp segment. Pick any codelab focused on any technology you wanted to learn -- PWA, Polymer, Android, Cloud, Machine Learning -- doesn't matter. Just spend 2 hours of immersive hacking & learning. Then share. 

6:00-6:30pm: Share. Take 2 minutes to share what you learnt, or demo something you built. The goal is to learn together so *every bit helps* - what did you like? what challenges did you face? what did you want to build? what do you think you might do next? 


<Regular Meetup with focus on Tech Talks >

We'll share a few announcements at the end of the show-n-tell segment from the StudyCamp above before we kick off the tech talks segment.

6:30 pm: Android RoboCars (Antonio Zugaldia)


Android recently announced Android Things, a version of Android that runs on IoT devices like the popular Raspberry Pi. In this session we’ll show you how to use Android Things to build a robocar: a small autonomous car. We’ll review all the (off-the-shelf) hardware components that you need, and how they fit together. We’ll also show you the Android code that controls the robocar. You can use a NES controller to move your robocar, but with Tensorflow and Computer Vision it can drive itself.

Visit http://www.androidrobocar.com to access all the materials. 

Android Robo Cars @hackster.io:   https://hackster.io/android-robocar/android-robocar-553991   

7:30 pm: Sentinel Plus (Oscar Salguero)

Abstract: On this talk, we'll dive deep into how Sentinel was built. Sentinel is the first home security robot 100% powered by Google Cloud and Android Things. You will see how Sentinel components are connected, plus a look at the source code, google cloud services, third party open source libraries and other stuff you can use to build your own.

Sentinel @hackster.io:  https://www.hackster.io/oscarsalguero/sentinel-8234b3

8:00 pm: DIY Robocars NYC (Liam Bowers)

Abstract: With the DIY Robocars group, we hope to spur the rise of the Homebrew Computing Club for the autonomous vehicle industry: an opportunity for amateurs, researchers, and DIYers to participate in this burgeoning field in a way that is accessible, affordable, and fun. 

More info at http://byosdc.com

Join the DIY Robocars NYC Meetup.

8:30pm <=== DOORS CLOSE ===>


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