Google I/O 2019 Extended Denver #io19extended - Kotlin/Everywhere

GDG Denver
Tue, May 7, 2019, 10:00 AM (MDT)

About this event

Google I/O 2019 Extended Denver

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Thank you to Columbine High School student Noah Thomas for this years t-shirt art which is still being finalized.

Thank you to Kotlin/Everywhere for support.

Talk details:

Ian Brown - Progressive Web Apps & Firebase
Josh Bancroft - Flutter
Brian Love - Kotlin Everywhere

Talk Title:
Ready, Set, Firebase

Talk Description:
In this talk, attendees will learn how rapidly code and deploy production-ready apps to the world with the use of Progressive Web Apps and Firebase.

Title: Kotlin/Everywhere - Google I/O Extended Denver

Description: Kotlin is a multi-platform statically typed language that is used to build native iOS and Android apps as well as apps that run on the JVM. This means that Kotlin code can execute Java code, and in turn, Java code can invoke Kotlin. Further, developers can leverage the existing Java ecosystem and the many available libraries while writing code that is is more ergonomic. Kotlin was developed by JetBrains and is now a first-class citizen for Android. Come learn about #KotlinEverywhere.

Bio: Brian is a software engineer and Google Developer Expert in Angular with a passion for learning, writing, speaking, teaching and mentoring. Brian has been building applications for over 20 years and has helped build rapid-growth companies. When not in front of his MacBook Pro, Brian is in the Rocky Mountains skiing or hiking.