GDG Denver presents Polymer 3.0 with Michael Fons

GDG Denver
Wed, Nov 7, 2018, 5:30 PM (MST)

About this event

One of Web Development’s biggest allies (Google) recently came out with a new version of an interesting library called Polymer 3.0. This library has been around for about 6 years. In that time the Google Polymer development team’s focus has always been about allowing folks like us to understand changes in store for the web before those changes even arrive; so that when these changes do happen, we still look good and feel on top. Of late the Polymer team has focused on PWA issues and has gotten our mobile web apps arriving and usable in just a few seconds with minimal headache!

Polymer 3.0 takes the amazing work done by this Google team and moves it even further into the modern JavaScript era with ES2015 modules and NPM, once again giving us a jump on what browser vendors are planning on doing to and with the web.

This talk will walk through a PWA demo app built in Polymer 3 by Michael Fons. During and after the demo we will discuss lessons learned and observations about the mobile web in general.

Michael Fons is a Denver-ite who has surfed the IT industry since 1990. Lately his focus professionally has been on PWA’s and Google Polymer at home and AngularJS and Web and Java Development at work. He has had a background in web development since there has been a web and has focused on HTML/JavaScript/CSS, Java, REST, SOA and related front and back-end development issues. He has always viewed his professional journey as somewhat chaotic, but suspects that others have had similar experiences. The web through it all has shown promise and has finally coalesced it seems into something truly useful.