Mobile Site Certification Study Jam 2017

GDG Bronx
Fri, Nov 17, 2017, 2:00 PM (EST)

About this event

As you know, web is one of our core technology pillars. A key way of educating our community and spreading know how on key technologies like mobile speed, PWA, AMP and web payments is through the Mobile Site Certification Study Jam.

Today over 50% of web traffic goes to mobile yet unfortunately developers aren’t designing effectively for it. For example 53% of mobile visitors will leave if a page takes more than three seconds to load. The average page takes 19 seconds to load over 3G. Speed is just one part of creating better mobile experiences and best practice has gone a long way past responsive design alone. Are you up to date?


You need basic web development skills to take part and it typically it takes 3-4 hours to run through the course materials, followed by a 90 minute multiple choice exam. You can find more details on the course here. It’s possible to do it entirely online alone, but we’d like to run through it together as a group and support each other.

Why do it?

There is more traffic to mobile sites than desktop, yet most sites don’t provide an effective experience for users. Best practice is changing rapidly so what people may have learned a few years ago may not be up to date. For companies and site owners we see better mobile design leading to significant and measurable improvements in customer acquisition, retention and engagement.