Monthly Developers Meetup - How Proguard Works

GDG Charlotte
Wed, Mar 21, 2018, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Some Android devs treat ProGuard like a scary black box that breaks their app in inscrutable ways, and must be tamed with lots of -keep statements. Others give up and turn it off entirely. In this talk, I show how ProGuard is analyzing, and transforming your app. I show how it fits into the build process, how to successfully configure it, and how to use its outputs. I end with a preview of the changes coming with R8, which is planned to replace ProGuard in the Android build process.

Speaker: Jeb Ware

Jeb Ware is a Senior Engineer in the Technology organization at American Express, where he works on Android applications. He has been developing for Android since the original G1. He enjoys breaking a new phone every six months, trying out the shiny new APIs in each Android release, and decompiling your app to see how it's working.

6:00 - Check in and networking (Food/Drink)
6:30 - How Proguard Works
7:30 - Q&A + More networking
8:00 - Wrap up