Android Session

GDG Bucharest
Mon, Oct 23, 2017, 7:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

A lot has happened on Android this year and it's time to get some updates on our favourite platform.


• An Architecture-First approach to building apps - Cosmin Stefan

An opinionated view on building sturdy, testable and scalable Android apps using the right architecture, based on MVVM, RxJava and DataBinding. We'll go into the details of our tried and tested approach to creating apps, from how data gets loaded and persisted to how it's prepared for the UI and how layouts are built, with a focus on how everything fits together.

Looking over the Google I/O app source code - Victor Gradinescu

Each year Google releases the source code of the Google I/O app, that is used by its visitors and remote followers. In this hands-on session we'll dive into the code, look for good takeaways regarding architecture, interface, build management and study the integration with Firebase.