GDG Berlin: Production ML Pipelines with TensorFlow

GDG Berlin
Mon, Jun 24, 2019, 7:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Welcome in the Berlin summer, Google Developers!

Before we do our usual July/August pause, let's have a GDG Berlin meetup. We are very lucky to welcome Robert Crowe, a data scientist and TensorFlow addict from Google, coming to Berlin from California. Robert has a passion for helping developers quickly learn what they need to be productive. He's used TensorFlow since the very early days and is excited about how it's evolving quickly to become even better than it already is. Before moving to data science Robert led software engineering teams for both large and small companies, always focusing on clean, elegant solutions to well-defined needs. You can find him on Twitter at @robert_crowe

Robert talk will cover Production ML Pipelines with TensorFlow. Here is a short abstract:

Most of the focus in the ML community is on research, which is exciting and important. Equally important however is bringing that research to production applications to solve real-world problems, but the issues and approaches for doing that are often poorly understood.

We discuss the use of distributed pipeline architectures for implementing production ML applications, and in particular we review Google’s experience with TensorFlow Extended (TFX).

Google uses TFX for large scale ML applications, and offers an open-source version to the community. TFX scales to very large training sets and very high request volumes, and enables strong software methodology including testability, hot versioning, and deep performance analysis. Robert Crowe is a data scientist and TFX Developer Advocate at Google and will discuss how developers can move their ML applications to TFX or similar platforms for both training and inference.

Following Robert's talk, we will have our usual short "What's new on the Google Cloud Platform", to give you some highlights of what was presented at Next a couple of months ago (including a quick Cloud Run demo).

Thank you to SRH Hochschule Berlin for hosting us this month and for providing us with snacks and drinks for you all.

See you on Monday 24th September 2019!

Manjula and Jerome