Internet of Things - IoT Study Jam

GDG Cloud Egypt
Tue, Aug 6, 2019, 12:00 PM (EET)

About this event

Data? Collect, store, analyze then "You will be connected"
A push towards the Internet of Things (IoT) technology in August study jams by Egypt's MENA Study Jams.

The IoT Study jam will include Google Cloud IoT Core; fully managed service for securely connecting and managing IoT devices, from a few to millions. Ingest data from connected devices and build rich applications that integrate with the other big data services of Google Cloud Platform.

The session is 4 hours of interactive material and hands-on activities

To get the best out of the session, consider the following requirements:
1. Bring your laptop: Mac, PC, Chromebook, Linux, everyone is welcome.
2. Computer charger
3. For a better experience in the laboratories, it is necessary to have main browser Firefox or Chrome
4. Limited seats are available
5. It is a free event

Registration: Just click on "Going" for this session and we'll contact you.