Google I/O'19 Extended GCDC Egypt: Machine Learning on Cloud

GDG Cloud Egypt
Mon, Jul 1, 2019, 7:00 PM (EET)

About this event

Why Machine Learning? to make sense of a messy world!

Machine learning is a powerful tool for solving problems and making sense of the messy repeatable data around us.

Machine Learning on the Cloud will include:
1- Intro to Neural Networks
2- How computers see images.
3- Scalar, Vector, Tensor (CPU, GPU, TPU)
4- Different Cloud ML APIs
5- Applying ML on the Cloud

To achieve an incredible amount of progress from a very short time, preferred to have programming fundamentals and know Java or Python. However, we are welcoming anyone who is interested in learning MORE.


As usual, this is a FREE. RSVP & Registration is required to attend any of the mentioned events below:

1- Machine Learning on the Cloud | Cairo in Falak Startups, Greek Campus
2- Google Kubernetes Engine | Heliopolis in Ideaspace
3- Deploy your Application Using App Engine | 6 October City in Villa307
4- How to innovate as a product designer | Suez in Ideaspace
5- Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities | Online – Live
Please, wait for a confirmation message due to the seat availability
We are excited to meet different enthusiastic individuals who are interested to learn, explore, and build apps using Google Technologies

The session will be in FALAK - Greek Campus