Cloud Study Jam: Kubernetes

GDG Cloud Madrid
Sat, Mar 16, 2019, 10:00 AM (CET)

About this event

What do I want to cover:
1. Kubernetes
2. Google CloudBuild
3. Container Registry
4. Docker Multistage - Secret management
5. Google Cloud Stackdriver
6. Google Cloud IAM together with Kubernetes
7. Environments - Production, staging, dev, review?
8. How to debug the cloud:
- Monitoring
- Kubernetes
- Logging

These topics will cover taking a application locally, deploy it to Kubernetes, building it on Cloud Build, inject a secret stored in Kubernetes, using Google Cloud Stackdriver to monitor it, having proper access control for employees, tactics for splitting apps up into environments, and how to debug when something goes wrong.

Attendees limit: 20
I find that it is the amount of people that max can be in the same room and do the same before it becomes either to split up or there is too many to help.

Google Cloud account and verified
Docker installed and ready

Who should attend?
People that are working in a small startup and want to grow. These tools will help them continue their innovation pace while serving real customers.
People in a company that uses docker but still haven’t taken the jump using containers in production because of knowledge gap and lack of prior experience

What is the event:
The event will be a workshop. The workshop will be split into multiple subject that each will be introduced and showed on the main presentation, then each attendee should use the technique on their own computer. Attendees are suggested to experiment and click around. Each segment will be 20 min. I will go around everyone with any problem or question there may be.

What is the outcome?
After the workshop attendees will know how to take a application and deploy it to Google Cloud.
After the workshop all attendees should feel they have tried the full journey of how a setup can look like.

10:00 - 14:00 4 hours
10:00 Welcome and introduction
What are we going to cover and why is it important
10:10 Part 1
11:00 Break
11:10 Part 2
12:00 Break
12:05 Part 3
12:45 Lunch - Drink and Sandwich
13:10 Part 4
14:00 Summary - What did we learn