Reinforcement Learning Fellowship

GDG Cloud Calgary
Thu, Jul 25, 2019, 5:30 PM (MDT)

About this event

Come and join a fellowship of Deep Learning and AI enthusiasts in their quest to keep up with the latest developments in artificial intelligence Reinforcement Learning!

This is a spin off group from the Deep Learning Fellowship meetup currently being hosted at GDG Cloud Calgary. The focus of this meetup is on reinforcement learning.

The earlier stages of this meetup will feature a more structured format with presentations covering various concepts of RL as well as hands on sessions applying the algorithms discussed during the meetup. So bring your laptops and get ready to code!

In this first meetup we will cover the core concepts of RL and introduce critical concepts and abstractions that will lay the foundation for future meetups, and build a simple tic-tac-toe agent utilizing Q-tables and Monte-Carlo Methods. We will quickly move on to deep learning methods for future meetups.

This meetup is for intermediate to advanced practitioners of ML.