Deep Learning Fellowship

GDG Cloud Calgary
Wed, Jul 31, 2019, 5:30 PM (MDT)

About this event

Come and join a fellowship of Deep Learning and AI enthusiasts in their quest to keep up with the latest developments in artificial intelligence and cloud computing!

This group is for intermediate and advanced practitioners of deep learning utilizing TensorFlow. Our plan is to organize a weekly or bi-weekly event in which we will collectively analyze the latest and seminal research papers in the field of AI. We will be covering anything from computer vision, natural language processing to deep reinforcement learning and Bayesian networks. These meetups are intended to be an open discussion of the selected paper, related research and relevant model coding.

The July 31st meeting will be focused on text to speech synthesis based on the paper:
Natural TTS Synthesis by Conditioning WaveNet on Mel Spectrogram Predictions (

Please read the paper beforehand and try to code it up yourself if you have the time. We will be covering the code in detail at the meetup. As such, we ask that everyone code in TensorFlow and/or Keras so we are all speaking the same language in our discussion.

Our goal is to create an interactive study group where we collectively choose the research papers that we'd like to dig into and share the lessons we learn from attempting to execute the architecture in our own applications. The paper for this meeting was selected by one of the group members. Your feedback will be valuable in determining the structure and content of the event in the future.