Android 11: Kotlin&Flutter(Online)

GDG Wuhan
Thu, Aug 6, 2020, 7:00 PM (CST)

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About this event

Android is very popular software platform for different types of mobile devices. This platform provides plentiful supports for mobile hardware and software. It encapsulates the details of the hardware and provides fruitful applications for the users and plentiful supports to the developers. Android is still in progress. When new technologies are emerged in Android, they can make the applications more powerful. Kotlin is designed and used for Android as the programming language. Google has provided solid support to Kotlin as it announced at 2019 Google I/O. As the emerging programming language for Android, it will be the mainstream for developing applications for Android. Flutter is designed for mobile UI development with flexibility and compatibility. In this activity, Kotlin and flutter will be introduced with their features for Android 11.

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7:00PM: Welcome
7:10PM: Kotlin: programming language for Andorid
7:50PM: Flutter: UI framework
8:40PM: Q&A, Talk Event Ends