2020 GDS Viewing Party

GDG Wuhan
Sun, Nov 22, 2020, 2:00 PM (CST)

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About this event

This is the first time to gather the developers in China by such form. There will be a viewing party in GDG Wuhan. 

The full videos are online (https://developersummit.googlecnapps.cn/).

GDG Wuhan GDS Viewing Party

Time: 2020.11.22 14:00-18:00

Site (Online): http://live.bilibili.com/22324064

Site (Offline): Room 101, Building No.3, Huangjiahu Campus, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Hongshan District, Wuhan


Before 14:00: Preparation&Check in

14:00-14:10: Opening Address

14:10-15:20: GDS Technology Viewing

15:20-15:40: Discussion & Break

15:40-16:50: GDS Technology Viewing

16:50-17:00: Disscussion & Conclusion


  • Fangfang L

    Fangfang L

    Wuhan University of science and Technology

    Associate Professor

  • Wei Hu

    Wei Hu

    Wuhan University of Science and Technology


  • Jianfeng Jiang

    Jianfeng Jiang

    Wuhan University


  • Xin Cao

    Xin Cao

    Zhangmei Technology