2019I/O Extended

GDG Wuhan
Thu, May 16, 2019, 6:30 PM (CST)

About this event

The annual Google 2019I/O conference will be held in Mountain View City from May 7 to 9, USA time for three days.

Every year at the I/O conference, Google will bring people the latest product experience and rich technology feast. In order to satisfy the small partners who can't experience the scene, Wuhan GDG has organized I/O Extended activities for you as usual. There will be many exquisite gifts at that time. Welcome interested small partners to join us!

The 2019 I/O Extended event will start with a brief introduction of Wuhan GDG, a review of 2018 Google I/O, a video of 2019 Google I/O, and a discussion of the new technical topics proposed by 2019 I/O. Welcome to participate!

NO.1 Address:Classroom 30101, Huangjiahu Campus, Wuhan University of Science and Technology
NO.2 Address:Classroom 6101, City College, Wuhan University of Science and Technology