Machine Learning with TensorFlow Crash Course (ML, TF)

GDG Kuwait
Wed, Apr 18, 2018, 6:00 PM (GMT+3)

About this event

Curious about machine learning? Come to this event and learn how to get started!
Free elevation burger too! 👍🏻

The best part about developing with machine learning today is that you can get started with no prior experience.

Dr. Abdullah AlMutairi from College of Computing Sciences and Engineering at Kuwait University will be presenting an introduction into machine learning and applications in Tensor Flow.

At this event, Dr. Abdullah AlMutairi will introduce Machine Learning basics, and TensorFlow, an open source library for machine intelligence. Then we’ll work through some codelabs (guided step by step tutorials). Please bring a laptop and charger.

Both topics need a long time to master but we are hoping to show interested developers how to started (especially with the ready to use APIs, and perhaps the basic
TensorFlow tutorials) ­ even if they’re entirely new to the field.

Title: How­To Start Developing with Machine Learning

6pm Guests arrive
6:30pm Machine learning basics and TensorFLow
7:30pm Break
7:45pm Coding session
8:45pm Socialize

What is Google’s Machine Learning developer platform?
By Google’s Machine Learning developer platform, we mean all the resources we have to help
developers who want to use machine learning. Broadly speaking, it can be divided into three

Machine Learning:
Ready ­to ­use APIs
The best part about developing with ML today is that you can get started with no prior experience.
● Google Cloud Platform provides APIs for Vision, Natural Language, Speech, and Translation.
● Mobile Vision provides APIs for Face Detection, Text Recognition, and Barcode Scanning on Android and iOS
● All of these have a simple interface
● None require prior experience with machine learning


TensorFlow is an open source library for machine learning. And it’s the most popular ML library
on Github.
● TensorFlow is used by researchers, data scientists, and developers.
● TensorFlow is capable of large­scale machine learning, and it is production­ready.
● If you’re new to machine learning, you can use TensorFlow to explore (we encourage
you do so, and dive in!) There are tutorials (like Beginners MNIST) that are accessible to
novices. Others are for experienced machine learning developers.
Managed Services

Finally, we have managed services to support more complex use­cases.
● Cloud Machine Learning is a platform for building, training, and running custom models
of almost any size, on Google’s infrastructure.
● Currently in “alpha”, but good to be aware of down the road.

• What to bring
Laptop, charger and a curious mind.


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