International Women's Day Convention and Hackathon

GDG Kuwait
Thu, Mar 8, 2018, 8:00 AM (GMT+3)

About this event

On the 8th of March, WTM Kuwait will hold a one day convention targeting the advancement of women in technology in Kuwait from engineers, computer scientists, graphics designers, mathematicians to entrepreneurs, where you will find a chance to network, learn and grow. Our official sponsor is Gulf Bank @gulf_bank.

The convention has two discussion panels followed by a Hackathon for social good.
Panel 1) Women in Tech in Kuwait: The field and workplace
Moderator: Arwa AlJassar (
- Engr. Zainab Algarashi (Engineers without borders)
- Engr. Manar AlHashash (E-content specialist)
- Dr. Eiman AlShammari (KUNIV)
- Engr. Shaymaa AlTerkait (Microsoft)
- Ms. May Dashti (Information Security Executive)

Panel 2) The Right Ecosystem for Tech Startups in Kuwait
Moderator: Haidar AlMosawi (Sirdab Lab)
- Engr. Mohammad AlMeer (Q8Software)
- Engr. Mijbel AlQattan (StartupQ8)
- Dr. Samar Baqer (KUNIV)
- Ms. Sara Al-Ateeqi (Kuwait Ventures)

WTM Kuwait will also be hosting a "Hackathon for social good" code competition in which:
- 8:00am three problems will be given,
- 8:30am teams will form
- Work on a solution (12 hours)
- 10:00pm iOS, Android and Web workshops by Media Phone Plus
- 8:00pm Present to judges
- 9:00pm Awards (Cash prizes and vouchers to top three winning teams)

The Hackathon teams will develop innovative technical solutions that will benefit of social good in Kuwait in the following three areas:

- Domestic violence awareness (Abolish 153 and Eithar, NGO)
- Accessibility for persons with disabilities (Engineers Without Borders, NGO)
- Startups and government procedures (GDG Kuwait)

The event is open to anyone wanting to give their time, effort, and skills in helping boost our young tech community.

Registration for the Hackathon requires joining the Meetup and then signing up on this link:

Hackathon mentors:
These superb mentors and experts are available through the day to work with the teams. They include: · Haidar AlMosawi, Sirdab Lab
· Dr. Amir Zeid, AUK
· Dr. Eyad Abu-Doush AUK
· Ayoob, Emstell technologies
· Eng. Bahadur Bhukhari, Mediaphone Plus
· Engr. Saqiba Sulaiman, Mediaphone Plus
· Dr. Maryam AlHilal, MOH
· Noor Hassan
· Arwa AlJassar
· Hind AlNahedh
· Mai Dashti
· Nasser AlKhaldi, Fab Lab
· Mohammad AlMeer, Q8 Software
· Nasser AlDaihani
· Dr. Dari Huwail
· Ahmed Hajeyah
· Nasser AlKhaldi (FabLab)

Sponsors and judges include:
Dr. Eyad Abu-Doush (AUK) Judging Chair
· Engr. Manar AlHashah
· Haidar AlMosawi, Sirdab Lab
· Mohammad AlMeer (Q8Software)
· Dr. Sumayah Albanna (AUK)
· Ayoob, Emstell technologies
· Ms. May Dashti (Information Security Executive)
· Bahadur Bhukhari (Mediaphone Plus)
· Jamil Iqbal Khokhar, Regional Operations Director (Mediaphone Plus)

8:00am Hackathon Opening problem presentations
8:30am Team formation and networking
9:00am - 9:00pm Hackathon for social good (YES 12 hrs until winners announced)
10:00-11:00am Workshops Android, iOS, web development
4-4:20pm Opening of International Women's Day
4:30-5:50pm Panel 1: Women in Tech in Kuwait: The field and workplace
6:00-7:30pm Panel 2: The Kuwaiti Tech Ecosystem: Game Changers
8:00pm Hackathon Ends and Demos to judges start
9:00pm Awards and closing

On the day:
For Hackathon participants:
o Please bring photo id
o For novice programmers, please complete any of the following free relevant courses in web development, Android and/or iOS that you find interesting prior to the hackathon – to make for a better event.

o You should bring a device (laptop, iPad etc) that you can use to connect to wifi
o You may need your own internet as no internet sponsor yet!

· Any questions, please contact Zainab AlMeraj or Noor Mohammad [masked]


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