What is SEO & ASO?

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Level: Beginner
Topic: SEO, ASO, Development

Is SEO a fake thing invented by Google to manually punish your website and torment the life of developers?

In this talk I will explain the basics of SEO & ASO.

What is SEO ?
How does Google crawl and index a website?
How we can use SEO and when is it the right time?
Different types of SEO.

6:30-7:00: Networking, snacks, and refreshments
7:00-7:45: What is SEO & ASO?
7:45-8:00: Q&A
8:00-8:30: Networking

About our speaker:

Gihan graduated in marketing in 2012 in Brazil. She pursued her journalism career for a while until she realized that if she did not follow the best Google practices, her articles would possibly never rank and no one will ever read it. She discovered the SEO world and now she is in love with it. Currently, Gihan works as an SEO specialist at SkipTheDishes.

The venue will be at the brand new Social Hub Space at SkipTheDishes, located on the main floor of 140 Bannatyne Avenue.

We hope to see you there!
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