An Afternoon of Lightning Talks and Your Projects

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About this event

Join the Windsor GDG for an afternoon of lightning talks and project demos from our members!

Every software developer we know has a side project that they are passionate about. It could be learning a real cool new coding language to building the next big thing.

Join us as we host a round of lightning talks (15 to 30 minutes in duration) with members from the local software development community. The goal is to learn, encourage and generally geek out on technology :)

Check out the lightning talks below,

  • Your Cyber Security Strategy by Frank Abbruzzese
  • Fast and Effective Visualizations with Observable and Vega Lite by John Haldeman
  • iOS and Android apps with Xamarin, to control Raspberry Pi Hand Sanitizers by Saamer Mansoor
  • Serving up your new favorite recipe with VueJS by Ashley Newton
  • Automobility, Data and Regional Collaboration by Tom Schnekenburger
  • Jetbot's and Autonomous Driving by Don Ward

We will wrap the afternoon up with a round of trivia hosted by Sam Ghasan.