Simplicity is not Simple & App UX clinic

GDG Wellington
Tue, Mar 24, 2020, 5:00 PM (NZDT)

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About this event


Dave's trip to New Zealand was cancelled due to the current situation around the novel coronavirus and the Covid-19 illness.

We're not going to hold an in-person meetup on March 24. We're currently investigating the options of a virtual meetup with Dave doing his talk remotely!

We'll update everyone as soon as we know more.


We are delighted to announce our guest Dave Hogue (Design Lead @ Google) for our March meetup.

This meetup will have two parts, a presentation and a live UX review session of your app or a particular feature.


Part 1 - Simplicity is not Simple

Products become complicated for many reasons, and teams are often asked to make them “simpler and better.” How do we identify when and why something is complicated, and how can we make it simpler? What are the causes of complication, and how might we watch for them?

We will discuss methods to make products and experiences simpler, some of the considerations and decisions we may face when tackling complication, and look at some examples of products that made themselves simpler without sacrificing features and functionality.

Part 2 - App UX clinic

Let's try to apply some of the ideas around simplicity to apps.

The second part of the meetup is going to be a live review and clinic session for your apps. Dave is going to provide live reviews of some apps or screenshots that you (hopefully) will have brought to the meetup.

More about Dave:

David M. Hogue, Ph.D. (Design Lead @ Google)

Dave has been studying user behaviour and designing interfaces since 1997, and combines his skills as a designer and applied psychologist to bring deeper insight into users' behaviours and motivations when interacting with digital devices and interfaces.

He currently leads an enterprise UX team for Android at Google with an emphasis on data analysis and visualisation, complex workflows, and machine learning.

Dave has been teaching information design, interaction design, and advanced UX courses (such as design sprint methods and experience mapping) at San Francisco State University since 2002.

He is a LinkedIn Learning author (Fundamentals of Information Design), has published articles and tutorials on design methods and tools, and regularly speaks and conducts workshops at conferences and professional UX events.

Prior to Google, his clients included The North Face, Reebok, Warner Bros., Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, and Sur La Table. Dave lives near San Francisco and enjoys writing, cooking, motorcycles, and travel.