GDG Waterloo AI: Computer Vision

GDG Waterloo
Thu, Dec 13, 2018, 7:00 PM (EST)

About this event

This December we'll be hosting a variety of speakers around computer vision and it's applications. Below are our speakers and a description of their talks!

Adler Santos, Data Engineer at Skywatch Space Applications
Satellite imagery varies greatly in quality – some images will contain defects introduced by the environment (say your area of interest is covered in clouds) and/or by the image processing algorithm (blurs, artifacts, or gaps are introduced). One of the challenges facing Skywatch is to prevent unusable, low-quality imagery from getting to our customers. In this presentation, I'd like to discuss how we used computer vision for image quality assessment and how it has helped us consistently deliver high-quality satellite imagery to the end-user.

Michael Jamieson, Computer Vision Researcher at SPORTLOGiQ
One of the things we do at SPORTLOGiQ is visually track players in soccer and hockey games. This rich spatial context lets us better understand game events such as passes and turnovers as well as the overall flow of the game. We can track in real time using multiple fixed cameras or work directly from the broadcast feed.

Following each talk will be a fireside Q&A!