Build Plant Disease Classifier With Computer Vision

GDG Waterloo
Sat, Jul 22, 12:00 PM (EDT)

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About this event

Computer vision is a field of computer science focused on developing novel algorithms that make it possible to extract meaningful information from digital images and videos. It is a rapidly growing field with applications in a wide range of areas, including self-driving cars, medical imaging, and robotics.

Join us for an informative discussion on the basics of Image Classification, Object Detection, and Image Segmentation, where you'll also learn how to build a Plant Disease Classifier using Convolutional Neural Networks.

We will discuss the different types of computer vision problems, the algorithms used to solve them, and the challenges that still need to be addressed. We will also look at some of the exciting applications of computer vision in the real world.



  • Oleksandr Levinskyi

    Oleksandr Levinskyi

    GDG Lead