Partner Event: Annyce with Android Developer Tools and Chris with Websockets

GDG Washington DC
Thu, Apr 6, 2017, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Speaker: Annyce Davis - Android Google Developer Expert @Off Grid Electric - She has been a developer in the tech industry for over a decade. In addition, she has spent the past 6 years developing applications for the Android ecosystem across multiple form factors. She is also an international conference speaker and author, sharing her knowledge of Android development with others. In addition, Annyce is active in the Washington, DC tech scene and assists with running a local meetup focused on Android development and design. 

Title: First, Do No Harm 

Presentation Description: Developing Android applications is a powerful way to connect people with the information they need the most. Apps are for living your life: daily commutes, traveling abroad, handling your money, communicating with family, and much more! This places the responsibility of engineering top-notch software squarely in the laps of us developers. Unlike doctors, we were not required to take an oath or pledge when becoming Android Developers. However, we can still learn much from the principles behind the phrase, “First, do no harm.” In this talk, we will discuss over a dozen tools that are at your disposal as a developer which can enable you to provide high quality applications to your users. Thus allowing you to first, do no harm! 

Speaker Bio: Chris Guzman - is a Developer Advocate at Nexmo where he helps developers use their global communications platform. He's the co-organizer of Baltimore Google Developer Group and the Baltimore Hackathon. When he’s not at conferences you can find him roaming the world. 

Title: WebSocket to me!

Presentation Description: In a world of constant location updates, real time web, and chat bots, WebSockets have become increasingly common. Recently OkHttp 3.5 included native support for WebSockets but other libraries have had support for some time. This talk will cover some possible use cases of WebSockets, how to integrate WebSockets into your project, and compare the features of OkHttp with other libraries.You can see the talk listed on Chicago Roboto's schedule here: 


6:00-6:30 pm - Check-In & Networking (with Food/Drinks)

6:30 pm - Nerd out with Annyce and Chris!

8:00 pm - Q&A/Networking/Socializing

Parking:  There is some but you probably have to pay. Not sure, take the metro =)

Event Max:  60