GDG DevFest Warsaw&Radzymin 2019

GDG Warszawa
Dec 7 - 8, 2019, 8:30 AM (CET)

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#GDG #DevFest #Warsaw & #Radzymin 2019

We are pleased to announce the next edition of GDG DevFest in our region - this year it is organized by the combined forces of groups from Warsaw and Radzymin!

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GDG DevFest is our most important annual conference for programmers, designers, administrators, analysts, and all fans of Google’s technologies. They are organized by Google Developer Groups, developer communities around the world. Also in our country, you have the opportunity to come to events in Warsaw and Radzymin (and not only!), to listen about:
- what has changed in Android or Chrome,
- what looks different in Material Design,
- what do Flutter, Angular and Firebase offer,
- what new services have appeared on the Google Cloud Platform,
- what AI can already do,
- about the secrets of implementing tools that you use every day and how to use them optimally,
- and how to combine it all so that your business gets the most out of the latest technologies.
As lecture and workshop leaders, we invite Googler-authors of said technologies, best practitioners (speakers, programmers, designers) and/or Google Developer Experts. Thanks to which DevFest is a unique event supporting your projects and products.

This year the conference in our region will be combined:
- On the first day, we invite you to Warsaw for full-day lectures divided into three tracks: Cloud, Mobile, and Web. You will gain knowledge of good practices based on real projects, from the most experienced programmers and designers.
- The second day will be full of workshops in Radzymin, where you put theory into practice. Thanks to direct help from experts, you will take the first steps in new technology, or collect feedback from more experienced colleagues.

As every year, the entrance fee is 50 PLN. Includes both days with access to catering and all attractions prepared for you by the organizers and partners of the event.
The mission of GDG is to spread access to knowledge, the price is only supporting attendance. If you can not afford to buy a ticket, write to us ([masked]) and get it for free.

If you can't appear at events in Warsaw and Radzymin in December, our sister group in Wroclaw is also organizing its event in November. Remember that these are two separate events - with different speakers, presentations, etc. Don't forget to visit to see what topics and speakers will be appearing at events in Poland!

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