Machine Learning Crash Course Study Jam Meetup [Week 3]

GDG Vientiane
Sun, May 20, 2018, 1:00 PM (GMT+7)

About this event

A course to help take people from minimal or no ML knowledge to a point where they can train simple linear or neural network models in TensorFlow. We aim to give them enough knowledge to understand various pitfalls, classic errors, and tradeoffs.

ສະ​ເພາະ​ຜູ່​ທີ່​ມາ​ງານ Machine Learning Crash Course (Intro) ໃນ​ວັນ​ທີ 05/05/2018 ເທົ່າ​ນັ້ນ.


  • Douangtavanh Kongphaly

    Douangtavanh Kongphaly

    The World Health Organization Lao PDR


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  • Thidavone Mankhongsinh

    Thidavone Mankhongsinh

    Lao Development Bank


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  • Keomanophone Thammavong

    Keomanophone Thammavong

    Lao IT Dev

    GDG Vientiane Community Manager

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  • Sengxay Xayachack

    Sengxay Xayachack

    Cyberus Sole Co., Ltd


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  • Douangdala Khamphanthong

    Douangdala Khamphanthong

    Lao IT Dev Co., Ltd


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  • Jalana Vongxay

    Jalana Vongxay

    Lao It Dev Co., Ltd.

    Software Engineer

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