Machine Learning Crash Course Study Jam (Intro)

GDG Vientiane
Sat, May 5, 2018, 12:30 PM (GMT+7)

About this event

A course to help take people from minimal or no ML knowledge to a point where they can train simple linear or neural network models in TensorFlow. We aim to give them enough knowledge to understand various pitfalls, classic errors, and tradeoffs.


What to brings:
Laptop, charger, individual Internet.


  • Douangtavanh Kongphaly

    Douangtavanh Kongphaly

    The World Health Organization Lao PDR


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  • Thidavone Mankhongsinh

    Thidavone Mankhongsinh

    Lao Development Bank


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  • Keomanophone Thammavong

    Keomanophone Thammavong

    Lao IT Dev

    GDG Vientiane Community Manager

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  • Sengxay Xayachack

    Sengxay Xayachack

    Cyberus Sole Co., Ltd


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  • Douangdala Khamphanthong

    Douangdala Khamphanthong

    Lao IT Dev Co., Ltd


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  • Jalana Vongxay

    Jalana Vongxay

    Lao It Dev Co., Ltd.

    Software Engineer

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