Rerun - Vienna Kaggle: Deep Learning with Tensorflow on the Google Cloud

GDG Vienna
Wed, Jun 28, 2017, 6:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Hey GDG Vienna!

This is the Rerun Meetup for those who can't make it on June 27th, together with Vienna Kaggle.

As you might know, Kaggle has been acquired by Google.

So it is only natural to celebrate this and have a joint Meetup with Vienna Kaggle @Stockwerk!

In this interactive Meetup we will do a hands-on-session to enable machine learning in the cloud and make a submission to the starter kaggle competition Digit Recognizer, so bring your laptops!

This is a good chance to get your feet wet with Kaggle, Deep Learning, Tensorflow and the Google Cloud.

The Agenda:

• google cloud account setup (comes with 300 bucks of play credits), trial:

• create kaggle account, link:

• setup a cloud project with tensorflow

• enable machine learning apis

• train/validate/test model

• make a submission

• train/validate/test model, make a submission, ....

Looking forward meeting you,

Helmuth, Christoph and László