Serverless Telegram Bot with Kotlin: 0$

GDG Venezia
Tue, May 12, 2020, 9:00 PM (CEST)

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About this event

Dopo il successo dell'ultimo evento remoto, abbiamo deciso di replicare!

Questa volta si parlera' di bot Telegram e di come svilupparli usando Kotlin spendendo ZERO!

Ospite della serata, Marco Falcier, Software Engineer presso Pixartprinting.

L'evento verra' trasmesso live su Youtube ->


Have you ever dreamt about an application without caring about its infrastructure?
Have you ever dreamt about developing it using your favourite language?
And what about building your own Telegram bot?
Wait a minute.. You don't want to spend any money into it?
Well, that's the talk you probably want to partecipate to!
We're going to see how we can develop a serverless application, using a free tier stack, that will serve our Telegram bot with a little help from Neo4j on the data. 100% free, 0$!

Marco is a Software Engineer @ Pixartprinting. Kotlin enthusiast, graph databases villain and synthesizers lover, currently working with the cloud, but unfortunately not into it.