Kotlin Coroutines and Flow

GDG Toronto Android
Thu, Feb 27, 2020, 6:30 PM (EST)

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18:30 Doors open, chit-chat and hang
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Expressive (a)synchronous code using coroutines - Flávio Faria
As everyone knows, long-running operations in Android apps should never be executed on the main thread. With the goal of protecting developers from making mistakes, the Android ecosystem relies heavily on asynchronous APIs that can be found all over the framework and also in many third-party libraries. Although this might do the trick for simple apps and workflows, this becomes a problem as complexity grows in the codebase. In this talk, we'll explore how to leverage coroutines to convert asynchronous APIs into synchronous ones for the sake of expressiveness, readability and developer sanity.

Composed and Compact with Kotlin Flow - Josh Allen
Have you sweat buckets in your journey to mastering RxJava? Now Kotlin Flow is no longer just experimental and you're wondering if all that knowledge is obsolete. Embrace the future, and learn how the Flow can help you leverage your past expertise in beautiful new ways: composed, compact, and flowing with possibility.

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