Firebase Meetup Bangkok 2019

GDG Bangkok
Fri, Jul 5, 2019, 7:30 PM (GMT+7)

About this event

Join us and hear latest updates from Firebase Developer Advocate and Firebase Community Experts.


17.40 PM - Registration Open / Networking
18.00 PM - Welcome Remarks | Wittaya Assawasathian, GDG Thailand
18.30 PM - Build and scale serverless mobile apps with Firebase and Google Cloud - Doug Stevenson, Staff Developer Advocate, Firebase, Google
19.00 PM - Manage Payments in Your Serverless App with Firebase - Tyler Crowe, Staff Developer Advocate, Firebase, Product Manager, Firebase, Google
19.30 PM - Integrating Firebase into your existing infrastructure - Hiranya Jayathilaka, Software Engineer, Firebase, Google
20.00 PM - Experimentation with Firebase - Aziz Yusupov - Software Engineer, Firebase, Google
20.30 PM - Closing Remarks
Build and scale serverless mobile apps with Firebase and Google Cloud

Speaker : Doug Stevenson

If your app has millions of users, you need a backend infrastructure to support its growth. Do you want to build that infrastructure? Of course not! Your time is better spent focusing on the app. In this talk, we'll take a look at the code for a mobile app that works like a “universal translator”. It uses Firebase and Google Cloud services and APIs. And we'll do it "serverless" without having to manage servers or infrastructure. A live demo of the app will be done with audience participation - bring a phone or laptop!

Manage Payments in Your Serverless App with Firebase

Speaker: Tyler Crowe

Many apps require the ability to manage payments: e-commerce, deliveries, ridesharing, software-as-a-service, and more. Managing payments yourself can be an intimidating problem, but Firebase makes handling payments for your app easy! In our session, we’ll explore an integration between Stripe and Firebase that makes handling payments safe and seamless for you and your customers. Together, we will walk through the steps required for the integration from your App through the Cloud. By the end of the talk, you will be ready to start handling payments with your customers.

Integrating Firebase into your existing infrastructure

Speaker: Hiranya Jayathilaka

Developing feature-rich apps often requires integrating with complex backend systems. Firebase and Google Cloud provide several features that make such integrations simpler. We'll explore how to access Firebase data from within your existing backend systems. We'll also demonstrate how to develop new serverless components in different programming languages to add new capabilities to your apps. You will learn how to manage your app's user accounts, respond to critical events, and enrich data from backend components deployed in environments like App Engine and Cloud Functions, as well as environments that you maintain and control.

Integrating Firebase into your existing infrastructure

Speaker: Aziz Yusupov

Aziz is a Firebase software engineer who works on Remote Config and A/B Testing. In the past year, he has led the efforts to release and open source new Android SDKs for both teams. Before working on Android, Aziz was part of the team that launched A/B Testing at Google I/O 2017. In his free time, Aziz enjoys rock climbing, scuba diving, and watching basketball.


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