Study Jam: Flutter Forward Extended - Session 11

GDG Tampa Bay
Tue, Jul 18, 6:30 PM (EDT)

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About this event

Bring your ideas to this meetup where we will continue working on our game implemented in Flutter. Check out the repo to see what we have implemented so far.

See you there!

Flutter delivers a powerful, open source UI toolkit for building stunning experiences across mobile, desktop, embedded, and web devices. Explore to learn where Flutter is headed next. Come join us and get started with Flutter and learn how to build amazing applications. 

In order to follow along with the codelabs you will need to have Flutter installed on your computer. Please follow this link and use the instructions for your OS. You can use VS code or Android Studio as an IDE. We will be using Android Studio but you should not have any problems following along if you use a different IDE. You should not have a problem following along if you did not attend the previous sessions.

Now that we've done several Dart/Flutter codelabs, we will be switching gears and doing something from scratch. That will give us a chance to determine if we're really learning the technology.

We will be implementing the Triangle Peg Game like you'd see in Cracker Barrel restaurants ( in Flutter. In a previous session we created a way to play the game and developed a recursive back-off method to solve the game. Now we are porting our console solution to Flutter. Don't worry if you missed any previous sessions we will review the code so you can catch up. What we have completed so far is available on github

We will also discuss what we will be next in Flutter!

See you there!