Kotlin/Everywhere GDG Taipei - Part 2: Kotlin on Cloud and Web

GDG Taipei
Tue, Aug 13, 2019, 8:00 PM (CST)

About this event

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Kotlin 是一種在 Java 虛擬機 上執行的 靜態型別程式語言,它也可以被編譯成為 JavaScript 原始碼。它主要是由 俄羅斯聖彼得堡 的 JetBrains 開發團隊所發展出來的程式語言,雖然與 Java 語法並不相容,但 Kotlin 被設計成可以和 Java 程式碼相互運作,並可以重複使用如 Java集合框架 等的現有 Java 類別庫,它很容易在各專案中替代 Java 或者同 Java 一起使用。它具有簡潔、安全、高互通性以及擁有眾多方便工具與函式庫的特點,也因此如今 Google 已經指定 Kotlin 為其在 Android 開發的首選語言;但其並不是只能在 Android 等 Mobile 開發,亦能在 Web 及 Native Code 方面有很好的發展利用性,如果你正在為 Mobile, Web 等專案開發尋找一種替代程式語言,那麼你應該試一下 Kotlin!

Kotlin is a static programming language running on Java Virtual Machines, it can also be compiled as JavaScript source codes. Kotlin is been developed by JetBrains, although it's not compatible with Java syntax, it's been designed to work with Java and it can reuse existing Java frameworks and libraries in an easy way. It is simple, safe, high inter-operability and has lots of easy-to-use tools and libraries, and these are the reasons why Google chooses Kotlin as their first-tier language on Mobile development, especially Android development. However, Kotlin could not only be used for Android development, it could also be used for Cloud and Web developments, and Native code developments. If you are looking for an alternative language for your upcoming projects, then you should try Kotlin!!

本次活動我們會專注在介紹 Kotlin 語言在 Cloud 與 Web 專案上開發的眉角,並邀請到 Kotlin 的源頭 JetBrains 公司的技術傳教士 范聖佑 來為大家說明,歡迎大家一同前來報名參加瞭解。我們也會在一系列 Kotlin 活動中介紹更多 Kotlin 在不同平台上的開發應用,歡迎大家持續追蹤我們的活動!

In this talk we will focus on Kotlin for Cloud and Web projects. We will have JetBrains' Developer Advocate, Shengyou Fan, to help you understand Kotlin more deeply. And we will have more Kotlin/Everywhere GDG Taipei talks in the following weeks, stay tuned!! ;)

議程內容 / Agenda

* 7:00pm~8:00pm 報到、入場及用晚餐 / Registration and Dinner
* 8:00pm~9:00pm Kotlin 在 Cloud 與 Web 專案裡的應用與實戰 / Kotlin on Cloud and the Web
* 9:00pm~10:00pm 現場問答與討論 / Q&A, Free Talk

講者介紹 / Speaker

范聖佑 / Shengyuo Fan

目前是 JetBrains 大中華區的技術傳教士,出沒於大中華地區各技術社群活動為大家說明 JetBrains 產品與 Kotlin 語言的好處並協助推廣。

Shengyou is JetBrains' Developer Advocate in Greater China, you might find him in various tech community activities in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He loves coding and would love to help everyone know the goodies of JetBrains' products and Kotlin.

注意事項 / Notice

• 此場為中文演講 / This tech talk will be in Mandarin Chinese.
• GDG 是純社群活動 / GDG is an independent developer community that loves Google technologies and is entirely independent from Google, the corporation.
• 天瓏 Coding Space 有入場費台幣 100 元的要求,請於入場櫃台繳交,繳交後可向櫃檯領取天瓏書局購書折價優惠卷一張 / The venue fee is NTD 100, please pay at the admission counter at 2nd Floor. After payment, you can receive a discount coupon for buying books in the TenLong Computer Bookstore.
• 現場有為各位準備晚餐,歡迎各位享用;現場並有無線網路可供使用 / Dinner and Wi-Fi will be served before the tech talk.
• 請盡量筆電充飽電入場,場地插座有限,若使用蘋果電腦請記得攜帶延長線以免白豆腐癱瘓插座 / There are limited power plugs in the venue. If you want to use your laptop during the event, make sure your laptop has enough power in advance!
• 有名片的人可以帶來交朋友 / You may bring your name cards to make friends! ;)
• 如果有想要分享的主題,歡迎寄信到 [masked] 報名 / If you wanna be our speaker in our future events, welcome to send your available time-frame, agenda and your brief self-introduction to [masked] so we could make event arrangements.